Taly Shaul

Budapest, Hungary

Through her work as Director of the Hungarian Jewish Social Support Foundation (HJSSF), Taly is committed to strengthening Hungary's Jewish community and fostering its growth. 

Taly has been working for HJSSF in Hungary since 1995. She is responsible for supervising the welfare activities of the HJSSF, which provide essential services to some 3,000 Holocaust survivors. These services are fully financed by the Claims Conference.  The support of the HJSSF also extend to around 500 vulnerable Jewish children and their parents.

This includes overseeing all activities related to the various restitution funds for holocaust survivors, provision of social services for elderly and children in need and for the volunteers’ program.

Originally from Jerusalem, Taly is a graduate of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. She holds MA in philosophy and comparative literature. She is married and mother of two daughters.