Aron Schuster

Frankfurt, Germany

Aron Schuster the Director of the Central Welfare Board of Jews in Germany (ZWST) was born in Wuerzburg in 1984. He studied business administration at the School of Apllied Sciences in Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt with a focus on corporate development. After successful graduation of his studies, he worked for 4 years by the fashion group s.Oliver. He was responsible for the expansion and conversion of retail stores in Germany and in Europe.   

Since November 2013, he works at the Head Office of ZWST in Frankfurt am Main.

Aron Schuster was from his childhood active in the youth work of ZWST as a youth leader. Since 2008, he has been on a voluntary basis a municipal politician in the city council of Wuerzburg. Since September 2016, he also is a board member of IsraAID Germany. Aron Schuster is married and the father of two sons.


Services POST -COVID19 - Consequences Monday 25

Inspirational presentation


Post Covid-19 challenges

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed shortcomings in many areas including health and long-term care and support. It has exposed gaps in the way we as individuals, families, communities and societies acknowledge and address risk and inequality, as well as discrimination.

However, in the post Covid-19 world, the opportunity is to strengthen our resilience and creativity, and to promote intergenerational solidarity to save and improve lives. Covid-19 presents us with an opportunity to build a new normal.

Many governments around the world along with WHO and other organisations are increasingly promoting healthy ageing, and this should be a key component of a strategy for the new normal.

Clearly, health (and other) inequalities, which have been present in our communities, have been brutally highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic did not cause them, merely brought them into the open.

So let the overarching goal post Covid-19 be to ensure healthy ageing and to reduce health inequalities.

Keynote speaker Dr George Leeson, Oxford, UK interviewed by Aron Schuster, Frankfurt, Germany