Monis Chalegoua 

Athens, Greece
Monis is a Member of the Board and Vice President of the Jewish Community of Athens
Manager of the Security and Crisis Management Team of the Jewish Community of Athens
For the last 15 years he is the Gen. Manager and Exec. Director in “Restion”, the Jewish Elderly Care Centre.
Monis was born in 1957 and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, in a traditional Sephardic family. He holds a BSc in Statistics in Human Studies from Haifa University, Israel. He has a 20-year career in high managerial positions in one of the largest weight-loss and well- being Companies in Greece.
He has been the Head of the Jewish Hellenic Camp for one year, in charge of more than 300
children from different countries.
Monis was involved in all kind of activities in the community of Athens, he was elected three
times as a Member of the General Assembly of the Jewish Community of Athens and he
volunteered as the Chairman of the JCC of Athens for three years and as Chairman of the
Religious Committee with great success.
Monis’ father Errikos Chalegoua Z”L, was a Holocaust Survivor and he was in Dachau and
Auschwitz concentration camp.